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Author of New Pompeii & The Synapse Sequence

The Calculations of Rational Men is available at the following links:

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Quotes and Reviews (All External Links)

“Godfrey uses a thriller format to dissect the madness that passed for strategy during the cold war, and is now on the rise again: the idea that nuclear war is winnable. It’s grim but utterly compelling” - The Morning Star review is here!

“The claustrophobic and tense atmosphere simmers and the tension ramps up making it a read that is almost impossible to put down” - SM Hardy, author of The Evil Within

“A superb read. What began as a story about how a lot of men cope in close confinement rapidly turned into a more wide-ranging and thought-provoking study about the after-effects of a thermonuclear strike. Days after I finished reading (the characters are) still fresh in my mind.”  -  The Book Bag review is here!

“A terrifyingly good read” - British Science Fiction Association (BSFA Review 19)

“Dark and in places brutal. A frightening exploration of what humans will do to one another to survive. Highly recommended.” - SFF World review is here!

“The Calculations of Rational Men is infuriatingly good. A near perfect masterpiece that deserves to be discovered.” - The Dreamcage review is here!

“Claustrophobic and tense this alternative history thriller grips from the off and never lets up right to the end.” - Ebookwyrm review is here!

“Morally grey and questionable characters, made all the more real by the awful choices they’re forced to make, dovetail perfectly with a claustrophobic atmosphere to produce a fast, intriguing thriller. Considered, calculated and brutal, this is a novel that truly captures the imagination.” - Book Beard review is here!

A hugely engaging story that grabs you early on and just doesn't let go” - Transcribe review is here!

Godfrey crafts an increasingly intriguing narrative filled with twists and turns and drama that you’ll find hard to put down” - Set The Tape, Best Books of 2022, is here!

“Frighteningly plausible; grim and pessimistic.” - Birmingham Science Fiction Group

The United Kingdom and her allies have been targeted in a widespread nuclear attack.

December, 1962. Just months after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the five hundred men of HMP Queen's Bench have found themselves in the midst of a new thermonuclear nightmare.

We do not know the status of our towns and cities. We shall not know their fate for several days.

Prisoners, wardens and soldiers must now work together to forge a new future, even if some inside the shelter can only think of how to turn the situation to their personal advantage.

Radioactive fallout will present the greatest risk to health. Medical staff and supplies are available.

Caught in the very centre of the power struggles is Dr Joseph Marr. Just days into serving a life sentence for murder, he is given the responsibility for the health of all the men of HMP Queen's Bench. But the question for him now is: how does he ensure those in the shelter survive?

Listed by The Bookbag as one of the best self-published novels of 2022.

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