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Author of New Pompeii & The Synapse Sequence

Well, the 12 months since publication of New Pompeii have flown by… so I thought I’d share some of the highlights…!

Oh, and a few introductory comments for Empire of Time (New Pompeii 2) are on my Goodreads blog here!

…can’t begin to describe how much effort went into producing the content of this box!

On the shelves of Waterstones! (And brilliant, fantastic support from my local branch, thank you!)

…with my agent Ian Drury on publication day - trying not to be intimidated by all the great books in the Sheil Land library!

…and my editor, the marvellous Miranda Jewess!

…with Lydia Gittins (Titan Publicity), gently encouraging (ordering!) me out of my writing shell (Thank you!)!

Panelling! (With other proper authors!!!)

…doing a reading at the first Humber SFF. (And very much enjoyed my trips to the Sheffield and York groups too - absolutely great to be able to meet so many nice people, and hear top authors read from their books and doing Q&A)

…the Czech version of New Pompeii - Nové Pompeje!

New Pompeii on the London Underground!

…and the Financial Times review, the FT Books of 2016 list, the Morning Star Books of 2016 list, the Starburst Review, the SFX review, The Sun review, the many blog reviews, Rinn Reads Sci Fi Month, meeting great authors and readers, signing books…


Not sure I can top that to be honest - but I’m going to give it my best shot!