Author of New Pompeii DANIEL GODFREY
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Some time in the near future, energy giant NovusPart develops technology with an unexpected side-effect: it can transport objects and people from deep in the past to the present day.

For post-grad historian Nick Houghton, the controversy surrounding the programme matters less than the opportunity the company offers him. NovusPart’s executives reveal their biggest secret: they have saved most of the people from Pompeii, minutes before the volcanic eruption.

But Nick soon realises that NovusPart are underestimating their captives. The stage is set for the ultimate clash of cultures in which time itself is a weapon…

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My self-published children’s book!

A tale of a schoolboy (Johnny Max) who interrupts a burglary and ends up involved in a dangerous mystery.

Aimed at children aged from 9 to 12 years old, the story explores the various challenges Johnny faces. This includes his responsibility as a carer for his dad, his conflict of feelings when he hears the burglary on his paper round, and his realisation that there is a darker force at work.

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The sequel to New Pompeii.

New Rome has control of the time travel technology, which keeps western governments at bay. But the public call for the destruction of a place that allows slavery and gladiatorial combat. Meanwhile Calpurnia is fending off threats to her power, aided by Pullus, the man who was once Nick Houghton…

Has Nick truly embraced the Roman way of life? Can the Romans harness the power of time travel, or will the new world destroy them?

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In the near future, everyday life is dictated by algorithms, from who gets a bank loan or a job, to what supermarkets sell and which news stories you read. Even policing is run by AIs, who track patterns and predict where crimes are likely to occur.

Anna Glover joins a start-up company that hopes to revolutionise solving crimes by combining the memories of witnesses into a virtual reality simulator that can be explored by an investigator. Her first case is that of a fostered teenage boy put in a coma by a brutal assault, and she begins to explore his memories, the only witness to the crime. But when the boy's sister disappears and Anna's own actions are called into question, it becomes clear that there are other motives in play, and there are those who do not want her to succeed… Click here for more!

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