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Author of New Pompeii & The Synapse Sequence

What do I want for Christmas? Following on from Google Home and Amazon Echo, how about Hands-free writing help from the AI Novel Editor!?

Get answers, play with plots, tackle tropes, enjoy your stories and control your characters!

Available in a stylish metal sphere with integrated microphone and speaker!

So what can the AI Novel Editor do?

Gunpowder, treason and plot! All the best novels have great plots, but does yours make sense? Miranda will take your plot structure and identify holes….

…and uncover any clichés and tropes

Bonus feature: Get personalised help with your convention panel appearance schedule, blog tour reminders, Twitter and Instagram feed support….and more with the Publicity Skills Add-on!

And if you think this is science fiction…



Happy Christmas!

We’ve all been there: having a burning question for our novel but not knowing where to find the answer…just ask Miranda!